How does trading work? What is 3XConsign?

What is 3XConsign?

3XConsign is a platform to sell your items built right into our trade-in system. 3XConsign stands for "3 Times Consign" and that is exactly what happens. Your items are for sale on 3 different marketplaces(Ebay, Amazon, and VGX) for the quickest sale at the price you want.

How does it work?

It's simple! Just complete the trade-in process and instead of taking our cash or credit offer, set your 3XConsign price. This price is the amount you will receive when it sells. No fees! Keep in mind our estimated price we give you is for fastest chance at someone purchasing it. Raising this price may make the item harder to sell.

When your items sell, your sale amount goes right into your payments account and you can select how you would like to get paid.

Trade your media to VGX!

Trading in your media is simple and nets you cash in your pocket or credit to rent or buy our in stock items.

Here's How!


Enter your items in the form below to create a trade list. We quickly notify you once we have made our offer on your items.


Once you have offers on your items, view our cash & points offer as well as your 3XConsign estimate. Select which items you want to trade and click "Add to Shipment".


Once we receive your items, you may choose:

Points Credit applied immediately to your acccount
Cash that will be applied to your payments account
Earn what you want by selling on consignment


Repeat with more items because you will love this system!

So get started now!

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