How we started

Video Game Experiment started in 2008 with an idea for an experiment and a basement with 20 old NES games. Back then, we had Netflix sending us DVDs in the mail and that was a great service at the time since online streaming had yet to take off. But what about a service like that for video games? There were companies out there that followed Netflix's in-the-mail model but they were slow & expensive. At the same time, we thought about how we used to take movies out of our local public library. Then it hit us....

The Experiment
Combine the in-the-mail delivery service with a non-profit media library that included video games. Gamers are passionate about games and love to share their experiences. We loved the small amount of games we had and wanted anyone to be able to experience those games for free.

Years later, it's safe to say the experiment is a complete success. Now with thousands of games in our library for rent or purchase and tons of loyal members that got us to where we are now, we continue to strive to add more features that break the mold of traditional online marketplaces.

We have our members to thank for getting us here! Why not join us?